Corporate Support

Your organisation can make a real social impact in your community by supporting our work. As well as being vital to The Florrie your support can help you to achieve social responsibility objectives and gives you the opportunity to have fun and challenge yourself and your team through your fundraising activities.

There are lots of great ways to raise money with your employees, clients & stakeholders that can be really fun and creative.

  • Nominate The Florrie as your charity of the year, encouraging employees to pull together to support a social cause, learn and develop skills and have a lot of fun along the way.
  • Host employee fundraising activities like sponsored events, cake bakes or something more adventurous like an office sky dive.
  • How about donating a percentage of your product’s retail price to The Florrie, or making a donation for every online order placed over a specific period of time?
  • Give a donation or sponsor an area of our work in the community.

Supporting us shows that you care about helping vulnerable people in your community. To discuss your support further, please contact our team using the contact form below.