Want to get more involved in your community? Have you Got skills that you’d like to share with local people?

Why not volunteer here at The Florrie by running a class or an activity.

Over the last three years we have had a huge range of activities on offer. From Wellbeing to Fitness to Reading Groups to Choirs nothing doesn’t belong here. Do you want to gain experience offer your expertise or pass on your knowledge no idea is too mad or not for us. We like whacky and different ideas so please get in touch.

Here at The Florrie volunteers play a massive part in the day to day running of the building. We see our volunteers as a part of the team, without them we wouldn’t be able to offer all our amazing activities and support groups. From Dyslexia Support to our weekly Art Class and Hosting Events volunteers help make this happen. We always like to find out what the person volunteering’s interests are and work to devise a way to make the persons volunteering day beneficial and enjoyable for them. From all ages, backgrounds and expertise we welcome anyone to add something to our wonderful building.

Illaria who runs our Itallian class.

‘I found the Florrie at a time when I was most in need. I was at rock bottom. Tiny steps at first and with the love and support from all the staff who all showed belief in me. I am now in my second year of employment. Who knows where I would be if I hadn’t made that step’

‘I have volunteered at The Florrie since November 2018. I feel I am part of the team and part of The Florrie Family’

‘Since volunteering I have been offered support in safeguarding, equality and just my own personal life. It has been great and I will always want to be a part of this place.’

‘Volunteering at The Florrie has lifted me and I return home feeling like I have achieved something and helped. It’s definitely a two Way Street where I give something but also feel like I have got so much back.’

If you’re interested in volunteering please contact Tim on tim@theflorrie.org or give him a call on 0151 728 2323.