The Florrie Community Land Trust

Amongst so many things, 2020 has highlighted the inequalities around us, through food, education, housing, access to vital services, work and skills. For us it has further highlighted how segregated we are from our thriving neighbours and why it is now vital that we create, deliver and value a localised community response to the long term physical wellbeing of our area.

We want to create an intentional community through new housing and economic opportunities. We want people to move to the Dingle and choose to stay here. We want people to invest in their community to help us achieve long term sustainability and secure investment for new services. We want to attract creatives, entrepreneurs and other small businesses, who in turn will create local jobs and become stakeholders, sharing a collective vision for the revival and long term future sustainability of Dingle through a Community Land Trust model.


Become a member

To become a member of The Florrie CLT download this form and bring it into The Florrie along with your £1 membership fee.