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Discover premier office space in Liverpool at The Florrie. Rent office space in a Grade 2 listed building with historic charm and modern amenities. Support The Florence Institute Trust while enhancing your team’s productivity.

A Historic Gem: Step into our meticulously preserved building, originally constructed in 1889. Admire the original architecture, the grandeur of the high ceiling exposed beams, and the character-filled details that tell tales of The Florrie’s rich heritage.

Modern Comforts: Work in an environment where history seamlessly integrates with modern amenities. Our office spaces are equipped with high-speed internet and ample natural light, ensuring productivity and comfort for your team.

Supporting The Florence Institute Trust: By choosing our office space, you’re not just investing in a workspace; you’re supporting our Charity. All funds raised from our office rentals directly contribute to our mission of empowering communities, nurturing creativity, and preserving Liverpool’s cultural legacy.

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