Wedding FAQ

FAQ’S (alphabetical order)


Must provide 100% of their own equipment. This includes:

  • PA & speakers
  • Microphone/s
  • Leads and cables
  • Instruments
  • Amplifiers
  • DJ decks/turntables
  • Technicians, e.g. sound & lighting

If your chosen Band, Artist, DJ, or Entertainer wishes to Sound Check their equipment, they must do this during your Pre-Day-Access, between 10.00 – 16.00. See Pre-Day-Access for further details.


The Florrie has 2 x Bars in our Grand Hall with a good selection of reputable Brand-named beers, spirits & mixers, wines, Prosecco and soft drinks available at competitive prices.

Last orders are 23.30, with the event finishing at 12.00am.


Our Grand Hall has a capacity of 360 (Theatre style arranged seating). However, for Wedding Reception Parties we recommend a maximum of 200 guests, i.e. 20 x Round Tables of 10 guests per/table.

NOTE: The less no of tables you have the larger the dance floor.


The Florrie will provide:

  • Chivari (white) chairs, up to 180
  • Standard (red) chairs, up to 200

NOTE: We will also place 10 x chairs around the Round Tables or Benches in-front of the Long Tables.


The Florrie does not provide a Pre-Wedding Coordinator. All Wedding Reception enquiries and quotes are provided by our Events Manager. On the day of your Wedding Reception, The Florrie will appoint you with a dedicated Events Coordinator to ensure your event runs smoothly.   


If Covid was to have an effect on your wedding date in regard to cancellation, e.g. lockdown, The Florrie will offer you an alternative date. Further information can be found in our contract.


The price of crockery & cutlery is included in The Florrie’s price per / person menus. The Florrie will NOT provide crockery & cutlery to 3rd party caterers. They MUST provide their own and take them from our premises post event / same day.


To secure your wedding venue date, you MUST sign, date and return our Contract and pay a £500.00 deposit. This deposit will be refunded in full (post wedding), providing there are no damages.

NOTE: Should you wish to cancel or postpone your date, your deposit will NOT be refunded. Further charges may also apply. Please see our Contract for further details.   


The Florrie may provide you and your guests with a pre-arranged, self-served drinks package, that includes:

  • Prosecco, Champagne or equivalent
  • Wine
  • Beers
  • Soft drinks

NOTE: Drinks menu available on request.

Or we can provide Corkage for:

  • Prosecco, Champagne or equivalent
  • Wine

NOTE: Beers, Spirits and Soft Drinks are NOT included in Corkage.


The Florrie has its own qualified Chef and in-house catering / hospitality team with a selection of buffet style menus, inclusive of price per/person. Menus cater for all tastes, dietary requirements (vegetarian, vegan, halal) and most allergies. Buffet menus available on request.


The Florrie will provide the agreed quantity (e.g. 100 guests, 100 x glasses) of glassware per/table for guests. These include:

  • Prosecco/Champagne flutes
  • Wine glasses
  • Beer / soft drink glasses


You may hire your own Caterers, who may hire our Kitchen for a fee of £500.00, plus an additional £500.00 deposit. This deposit will be refunded in full (post wedding), providing our kitchen is tidied, cleaned & returned to the exact standard of cleanliness & hygiene they found it in, as well as no damages or missing items.

Your Caterers MUST also dispose of ALL packaging, rubbish and leftovers and take any refuse bags containing this with them. They MUST NOT use Florrie bins to dispose of this, as The Florrie has a Green Policy that must be adhered to.  Your Caterer MUST also provide us with their insurance & hygiene certificates, at-least 1 month prior to your event.

Furthermore, Caterers MUST provide 100% of their own equipment. This includes:

  • Crockery & cutlery
  • Pots & pans
  • Chafing / Serving dishes
  • Knives
  • Cooking utensils
  • Disposables (plates, cutlery)
  • Napkins / serviettes
  • Cleaning products
  • Etc

NOTE: Caterers will have access to:

  • Oven & hobs
  • Steam cooker & grill
  • Microwave oven
  • Dish washer
  • Washing area
  • Walk in cooler
  • Kitchen worktops
  • Forward kitchen (for prep)


The Florrie will provide ambience lighting, with a selection of pre-set/colour schemes/scenes. As well as fairy lights suspended from our wooden beams and mezzanine.


The measurements of our Grand Hall are:

12.50 Metre – Width

20.95 Metre – Length  


The Florrie is open between 09.00 – 18.00, Monday to Friday.


The Florrie may provide a PA/Speakers and cordless Microphones for:

  • Speeches
  • Wedding playlist

NOTE: If you decide to hire a Band, Artist, DJ or Entertainer, please see BANDS, ARTISTS, DJ’s & ENTERTAINERS for further information.


To secure your date we require a £500.00 deposit. All remaining fees must be paid in full at-least 1 month prior to the date of your wedding. Full Payment Terms can be found in our events contract, available on request.


The Florrie will grant couples and their families, friends, wedding coordinator (if you have one) and florist pre-day access, between 10.00 – 17.00 to our Grand Hall, where you may style the room. This includes:

  • Table and centre piece arrangements
  • Table seating arrangements
  • Crockery & cutlery (3rd party caterer)
  • Glassware
  • Drinks (from pre-arranged drinks packages & corkage)
  • Veils or equivalent
  • Flowers or equivalent
  • Buffet and side tables

NOTE: If you have hired a Band, Artist, DJ or Entertainer, they may sound check their equipment during your Pre-Day access, between 10.00 – 16.00. 

You are NOT allowed:

  • Live candles / naked flames. Battery operated candles are allowed
  • To hang anything on the walls, e.g. pins, blu tack or equivalent

NOTE: You may hang Veils or equivalent from our Grand Hall wooden beams, but only with our assistance.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: DIY room styling is subject to complying with Grade II Building Listing restrictions.


If required, The Florrie will provide assistance (4 hours) to hang or suspend room decorations from our Grand Hall beams (only).

NOTE: You, your helpers, wedding coordinator (if you have one) and Florist are NOT allowed to hang or suspend any decorations without our assistance, for health & safety / risk assessment reasons.      


The Florrie will provide a dedicated Event Coordinator and appropriate number of staff to ensure your Wedding Reception runs smoothy. This includes: 

  • Event Coordinator (go to person)
  • Fire Marshal / Caretaker
  • Bar and glass collecting
  • Security
  • Assistant / Pre-Day-Access
  • Cleaner/s (pre & post event)

NOTE: The Florrie will also provide Hospitality Staff if you choose food from our menu/s.


The Florrie will provide:

  • Up to 20 x round tables, that seat 10 guests per table, 200 total.
  • Up to 14 x long tables & benches, that seat 6 guests per table, 84 total.

Inclusive of:

  • Table arrangement style, e.g. Cabaret style, Long Table style
  • Tablecloths, crisp white linen
  • 2 x jugs of water per/table
  • 1 x wine cooler per/table


The Florrie will NOT provide tea, coffee, or other hot drinks at Wedding Receptions, unless agreed with our Events Manager (only). If you do require Tea & Coffee at your Wedding Reception, our Events Manager will provide you with a quote.


Couples may arrange a maximum of 3 x pre-event-visits (maximum 1 hour per visit), when you will be granted access to our Grand Hall (only).

Visits must be pre-arranged with our Events Manager, who will provide you with an appointment date and time between 09.00 – 17.00, Monday – Friday (only).


The Florrie is available for Wedding Receptions. Unfortunately, we no longer consider Wedding Ceremonies.   


The Florrie provides free wi-fi. Password available on request on the day of your event.