Michael Head at The Florrie Guitar Group

Excitement filled the air as renowned musician Michael Head, ahead of the release of his latest album Loophole, joined our Guitar Group for an intimate session, treating us to a few tunes.

Michael, brought his talent and warmth to our group, captivating us with his music and sharing insights into his creative process. It was an unforgettable experience for everyone present.

Loophole, the much-anticipated album from @officialmichaelhead, promises to be a masterpiece, showcasing Mick’s musical prowess and storytelling abilities. If you’re eager to dive into his latest musical journey, you can preorder the album here.

For those interested in joining our Guitar Group and experiencing moments like these firsthand, we meet every Tuesday at 6pm. Reach out to Tim at tim@theflorrie.org to get involved and become part of our vibrant musical community.