The Florrie’s Men’s Mental Health Walking Group head underground on a Unique Journey

This week The Florrie’s Men’s Mental Health Walking Group swapped their usual outdoor trails for an extraordinary adventure beneath The Mersey. Instead of their routine biweekly mental health walk, the group embarked on a tour of the iconic Mersey Tunnel.

The Florrie, a community-led organization in Liverpool dedicated to supporting mental health initiatives, organized this special event to provide a unique experience for its members. The Men’s Mental Health Walking Group, known for their regular gatherings focused on physical activity and open conversations about mental health, eagerly embraced the opportunity to explore the underground world of the Mersey Tunnel.

As the group descended into the tunnel, participants were greeted by a guided tour that delved into the history, engineering marvels, and significance of the tunnel in Liverpool’s heritage. The change of scenery allowed members to engage in conversations about mental health in a different setting, fostering a sense of camaraderie and support among the participants.

Tony Caveney who leads the Florrie Walk, shared his thoughts on the unconventional outing, stating, “We’re always looking for creative ways to engage our members and promote mental well-being. The Mersey Tunnel tour was a fantastic opportunity for our Men’s Mental Health Walking Group to bond in a different setting while continuing their discussions about mental health. It’s about breaking barriers and fostering a supportive community.”

The decision to choose the Mersey Tunnel as a venue for the mental health walk was deliberate, aiming to break the routine and provide a fresh perspective on well-being. The Florrie believes that incorporating unique and unexpected activities into their programs helps challenge the stigma surrounding mental health and encourages open conversations in diverse settings.

Our Men’s Mental Health Walking Group meet every Monday & Friday at The Florrie, providing men with a platform to talk and support each other, ending the stigma surrounding men’s mental health. If you’re interested in getting involved or supporting the group email Tony on