Our Community Shop is now open 3 days a week

We’re pleased to announce that our Community Shop is now open 3 days a week Monday, Wednesday, & Fridays. 10:30am – 2:30pm.

The Florrie Community Shop provides people access to affordable groceries, toiletries, baby products & clothing. When you shop with us you can get 10 items for just £5.00.

Items vary week to week and include fresh food, store cupboard essentials, household items, frozen goods, toiletries, and confectionery. Members also have access to a range of discount clothing, other household goods, seasonal items, and special offers from time to time.

Membership is open to anyone in Liverpool no matter your circumstances. Limited to one membership per household. To become a member please bring proof of address to The Florrie, 377 Mill Street, L8 4RF on one of our shopping days.