Are you a young person who wants to make a difference in the L8 community?

Do you want to work for a great charity, make new friends, learn new skills and help develop and support new community initiatives for young people in The Florrie and across L8?

In February 2020 the Florrie were awarded funding via the ‘Community Cashback’ scheme to create two paid trainee places for young people to act as ambassadors/peer mentors in our community, help shape future activities and services for young people and work with our partner organisations across L8 to bring young people together.

Unfortunately as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic we had to postpone advertising these posts. We are currently making preparations to re-open the building and look at how we can deliver this project with young people while still observing the Government guidelines on social distancing and staying safe. We are now in a position to start the recruitment process, although at present we do not have a definite start date. We are also seeking further funding to increase the hours and further develop the trainee role.

This is a great opportunity for a young person and it doesn’t matter if you have few or no formal school qualifications, have not completed training courses or have no work history, this is a trainee position and we will work with you to help you further develop your skills and identify any training to help you with your aspirations, your talents and your career goals.

To apply, you DO NOT need to submit a formal CV, just tell us why you would make a great L8 Ambassador for young people in our community. There is no right or wrong way to answer, we are looking for young people who show passion, drive and commitment and want to help make a difference in our community and our city. The more creative your application the better. Please remember to include your name, address and contact information in your submission. Good luck.

Submitting your application:
You can submit your application in any of the following formats:
• on paper (no more than 1 sides of A4)
• video (no longer than 1 minute)
• mp3 audio (no longer than 1 minute)

Email your application to: (if submitting a video or audio application and the video file is too large
for email we recommend using to send it over)

Or drop off at:

The Florence Institute Trust
377 Mill Street
L8 4RF

Closing date for applications is FRIDAY 17th JULY 2020
This post is funded by Merseyside Police Community Cashback Scheme.

For full details on the role head to our jobs page.