L8/L1 Youth Charter

Working with young people we have created a youth charter of 8 pledges to help make our communities a better place to live.

When you sign up to the youth charter you will receive your membership card, confirming your commitment to making L8 or L1 a better place for everyone. Once you have completed your volunteering or good deeds you will receive a limited edition golden L8 or L1 badge.

If you’re a young person who lives in or attends school or a youth club in L8/L1 you can sign-up to our youth charter by filling in the contact form at the bottom of the page and our youth worker Brodie will contact you.

8 Pledges to L8/L1

1.     Be proud to live in L8/L1.

2.     Volunteer some free time to help a local organisation/youth club/charity in L8/L1.

3.     Not take part in anti-social behaviour.

4.     Challenge any discrimination & bullying behaviour amongst my peers.

5.     Value diversity & not be discriminatory towards anyone.

6.     Respect & support my peers.

7.     Be more eco friendly – recycle more & not litter the streets.

8.     Pursue my dreams & ambitions.

Sign-up to the L8/L1 Youth Charter

The youth charter is only open to young people (under 18yrs) who live or attend school or a youth club in L8 or L1.