Jimmy Cauty’s MdZ Estate Tour at The Florrie

Join us Monday to Friday 3-6pm throughout November to experience Jimmy Cauty’s world famous MdZ Estate Tour here at The Florrie.

ESTATE is a dystopian model village experience featuring four abandoned concrete tower blocks at 1:24 scale (approx 2 metres high) housed in a 40ft shipping container.

The tower blocks each serve a different function in the ESTATE and contain amusing scenes of mass social, economic and environmental devastation.

Tower block 1 contains residential Live-Work-Die units .

Tower block 2 is a multi-storey high security children’s prison.

Tower block 3 is a high-rise care home for the old, the dying and the dead.

Tower block 4 seems to have been some kind of spiritual centre for neo-pagan misbehaviour.

Find out more about estate at: https://l-13.org/projects/jimmy-cauty/estate/

The event is finished.


Fri 26 Nov 2021


3:00 pm - 6:00 pm