Interview: Rise of The Last Pendragon

On Tuesday, March 5th, Jimmy stopped by to chat with Florrie Radio Volunteer Addie Thomas about the recent publication of his son’s book, ‘Rise of The Last Pendragon’. You can buy the book on Amazon.

About 6 years ago, Jimmy’s son Nick began serving a lengthy prison sentence. This only tells a part of the story for a family who suffered heartbreak when Nick’s brother was murdered.

Jimmy, who was experiencing very dark times, encouraged his son Nick to write, something Nick had never done before. He had hardly even read a book from cover to cover. The book was for Nick’s daughter Matilda. What started out as a gift to Matilda became a journey for the family as Jimmy learned to use the computer, engage in writing critiques and literary agents, and spend time on the phone with his son like he had never done before.

Having finished two books to date, Nick is now working on completing the trilogy, and while the books may inspire entertainment, the change that Jimmy and the family are experiencing gives hope and inspiration to anyone who is challenged by loss and trauma and finds themselves on a path that they never wanted to be on.