The Florrie Food Union

The Florrie Food Union is a new initiative aimed at combating food poverty in South Liverpool.

The Florrie Food Union allows people on low incomes regular access to groceries, toiletries and clothing. We are not a food bank, we do not means test, we support people through times of hardship because more and more people are finding it harder to cope.

The idea behind the food union is that a family or an individual will pay a certain amount per week to be able to visit our shop here at The Florrie which provides food, household goods and toiletries at no extra cost, at a heavily discounted price. We buy in food wholesale as well as receiving stock through donations and pass on the savings to those in the community who need it.

The Florrie Food Union is not set up to manage dependence, our approach is to focus on supporting people to help each other in the long term instead of trying to help them patch things up.

Run by local young people, The Florrie Food Union is based in The Florrie a Grade II listed community building at the heart of L8. The aim of the food union is to reduce the stress of shopping & ensure that no families suffer from food poverty.

One of our volunteers Chris helping set up the union.

How can you help?

Give us the price of a coffee!!

A monthly standing order of just £3.50 per month for a year will help 12 families in your local area receive £25 worth of shopping!

If you would like to support more families a monthly standing order of £15 would support 52 families every year!!!!! That’s one family per week!!!

Why have we started the food union?

During the last school holidays 900 free meals where given to local school children as part of the Holiday Hunger Scheme, helping to break hunger in children who would usually receive a free school meal in term time. 

The next response to need is a Food Union which will be run by local young people. The Food Union is a not for profit scheme which is open to all who are in need locally whether they are in work or not. There is no need to get a referral and nobody will be turned away for lack of funds – it really is open to all!

So How can you really help us?

 Sponsor a family in need……..

By setting up a regular payment of just £3.50 you could sponsor one family in need per month to be able to utilise the food union.

By arranging a payment of just £15.50 per month you will sponsor one family in need per week to receive £25 worth of shopping

Share our story….

By sharing this information with friends and family and encouraging people to support us too is an incredible help, this helps us to gain further sponsorship and help many more families in our local area. 

Do you work for a company who can support us? – either through regular food donations or one off giving we are always happy to discuss ways people can help!!

For further information on supporting us please contact us on:
or by calling Amy on 0151 728 2323

How can you join?

To sign up just call into The Florrie & ask for a signup form at reception, you’ll need to bring ID & proof of address. Signup is limited to one per household.

If you have any further questions please email