Supporters & Volunteers

The Florrie could not operate without the considerable support it receives from its funders, friends and volunteers.


The support and enthusiasm of the local community was instrumental in helping restore The Florrie.

Particular thanks go to Denise Bernard, Cerri Bell, Tom Calderbank, Steve Carden, Joey Ellison Snr and Roger O’Hara to name but a few.


The Florrie has benefited not only from the financial support of our funders and donors but also the invaluable practical and professional support given. In 2015 the Florrie made a bold step change to become a central hub for all community arts and music events in South Liverpool. This has only been made possible with the support and good will from Janice Long, Michael Head and TREB, Jimmy Cauty and L13- Light Industrial Workshop , Bill Drummond, Jamie Reid and Ricky Tomlinson and everyone who has performed, volunteered or visited the Florrie and all those who believed in us and our vision to make art and music accessible to our local community.


The Florrie’s vibrant history is retold through the memories of the Florrie Old Boys. Since the Florrie was first established in 1889 it was to play a vital role in many people’s lives as the first known purpose built boys club in the country.